NICOLET Features

One-stop community for developing your next collaborative research proposal

New Ideas

We are building a safe place for you to explore new ideas. We'll provide you with tools to:
Search for funding
Create a Project proposal
Start your Literature review

Collaboration Opportunities

In a near future... Using NICOLET intelligent Decision Support System, you will be able to:
Search for partners
Generate your own Network map
Access to recommendations

Learning & Exploring Together

Sharing is caring. Together we can create a knowledge repository with:
Templates and examples
Training for researchers
Projects & Proposals - Lessons learned

Our values

Professional Growth

Bring your researcher career to the next level.

Community Building

Together we can go further.

Empowering Others

Help others to reach their goals: join their teams and share your expertise.


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Dr. Silvia Planella Conrado Profile Photo for NICOLET research project

Dr. Silvia Planella Conrado

Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Researcher

IT Project Manager with a background in Marketing. PhD in Commerce and Information Systems. Research area: Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Decision-making, AI, Collaborative environments.

Dr. Vladimir Baulin Profile Photo for NICOLET research project

Dr. Vladimir Baulin

Distinguished Researcher Beatriz Galindo

Research area: Polymer theory, Biophysics and Biotechnology, development of highly parallel scientific methods for computation on graphical cards, artificial neural networks and AI.

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